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Darionn Smith

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Born in Detroit, Michigan and residing in Florida, Major D-Star is an all American “Hip-Hoppa” reaching peaks very early in his career. Since the tender age of six Major was introduced to and heavily influenced by the likes of platinum artists Ludacris, Biggie, and Jay-Z. Such interests turned into a fascination that sparked admiration for music, especially genres heavily inspired by life, art, and rhythm and blues. Blessed with a supportive family,

Major received his first microphone, headphones, and interface from his parents. Investing in Major’s music was a result of him remembering academic precedence by maintaining good grades while pursuing his music career. Major’s motivation, passion, and hard work convinced his family his music is more than a hobby. His love and admiration for music grew into creative artistry beyond the microphone and into the sound itself.

2019 featured article:

“His one of a kind style of music developed quickly being from the Westside of Detroit and spending time living in Miami as well. It allowed him to set up a unique sound that nobody has heard before…” read more!

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